My Craft 2D


Play in a world like Terraria, but with a hitch. The blocks in this game have properties that are transferable to neighboring blocks. For example, antigravity blocks can cause neighboring blocks to float - creating floating islands in the sky. Remove the antigravity block and the whole island will come crashing down to the ground!

Blocks have properties such as clingyness, antigravity, light-propogating, and more to come in the future. Some enemies in this game are controlled by a cognitive architecture called Soar - developed at the University of Michigan.


This game stemmed from my desire to figure out what makes Minecraft fun and how to improve it. Unforunately, making a 2d minecraft results in a completely differnet game, but at least it's given me the chance to try out some interesting mechanics.

The game started its developement at the University of Michigan as part of an independant study project. The main intent was to make a game that could run upwards of 100 Soar AI agents at the same time.

Additionaly, in the process of making this game, I also developed a pretty well-contained menu system that works with both direction key input and mouse-over input, something that I honestly rarely see in games.


This game was built using C++ and the Zenilib library. Some AI was implimented in the Soar cognitive architecture. Zenilib provides abstractions for OpenGL, DirectX, Audio, Controllers, and Asset Loading.

Isaiah Hines (
Keyboard and Mouse

First Post From The Future (14 Feb 2014)

For this post, I'm going to test a few different things. The first is the format for how new posts interact with both old posts and the head page of this project. For example, in this post I'm going to update the background information and the details information.

This post also contains its own text that will not show up on any other post, but may find it's way to the overall summaray of this project. We'll see which way I take it. I'm also going to redo how I attach pictures to posts, to allow for more than one. I'd also like to experiment with adding formatting to the front matter (that's where I'm typing this information right now). I'd like to do things like place images wherever I want, insert code snippets, etc.