Divide And Conquer 
- January 19, 2014


Survive against the onslaught of the multi-colored orbs! Where they come from and how they found you, nobody knows! What we do know? The big ones will get angrier when you shoot them! Your best bet is to cut them in half using your laser-powered ship connector!


This game took home the 2nd place medal at the 11th Video Game Jam at the University of Michigan. The competition was held from 7:00pm January 17th to 7:00pm January 19th, where 17 games were produced, each game having 4 members.


The game was programmed using the Unity game engine - chosen because I am a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) for EECS 494 Video Game Design, which is requiring the use of the Unity engine.

Isaiah Hines (IsaiahHines@gmail.com)
Jon Wiedmann (jonwiedmann@gmail.com)
Nicholas Dedenbach (ndeden@umich.edu)
Garrett Dewald (gdewald@gmail.com)
Wired XBox360
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