Super Smash Bros 
- December 1, 2012


This game is a simple remake of the popular Super Smash Bros game from Nintendo. Attack and outmaneuver your opponents from 4 stages high up in the clouds. Fall off and you will lose one of your lives. The last man standing wins the round. Fight with up to 8 players using Mario, Sonic or Spyro.


This game was completed as the final project in a Java programming course, EECS 285, at the University of Michigan. Each group of students presented their applications in front of the class over the course of two days, and this game was voted as the favorite project by the entire class for the day that it was presented on. The game was built using LWJGL and a few other asset and controller libraries.


Java and the Light Weight Java Gaming Library (LWJGL), along with controller and audio libraries. LWJGL is basically a wrapper for OpenGL.

Isaiah Hines (
John Rabideau (
Minchan Kim (
Sarah Nickolai (
Wired XBox360
Super Nintendo "SmartJoy"
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