Coriolis Station 
- May 1, 2012


This game is a puzzle platformer with more realistic movement physics than traditional platformers. You are a robot who is trying to escape a rotating space station by collecting floppy disks which allow you to move from one area to another. The rotation of the ship produces fake gravity due to the Coriolis Effect, and it's your job to conquer the strangeness of the fake gravity in order to solve puzzles and make your way off of the space station.


This game was created in 12 days during Sid Meier's Game Design Bootcamp, held at the University of Michigan. I would probably consider the process of making this game as the best group experience that I've ever had. All programmers were extremely capable, and as such the authors are listed in alphabetical order, rather than in order of most significant contribution.


C++ and the Zenilib library. Zenilib provides abstractions for OpenGL, DirectX, Audio, Controllers, and Asset Loading.

Mitchell Bloch (
Isaiah Hines (
Miller Tinkerhess (
Wired XBox360
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