Battle Bender 
- December 1, 2011


Battle Bender is a multiplayer, last-man-standing, battle game with a unique twist on gravity. Players gravitate towards whatever surface is closest to them, allowing for movements up walls and upside-down on the ceiling. Use missiles, mines, pulses and surges to outmaneuver and defeat your opponents on four unique levels.


This game was created as the third and final project for the EECS 494 Video Game Design course at the University of Michigan. It received the first-place award out of 13 games at the end-of-year, Video Game Showcase.


C++ and the Zenilib library. Zenilib provides abstractions for OpenGL, DirectX, Audio, Controllers, and Asset Loading., and Asset Loading.

Isaiah Hines (
Mark Dehring (
Corbin Phelps (
William Price (
Wired XBox360
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