Puzzle Jumper 
- October 1, 2011


Puzzle Jumper is an automatic, side-scrolling, medallion collecting, jumping game. On each level, collect all the medallions of the same color without touching any other medallions to unlock new levels. Try collecting no medallions, or see how many balloons you can pop! Each achievement you conquer helps to unlock up to five total levels. Your progress is saved even when you're done playing, so that you can continue where you left off from last time.


This was the first game that I created for the EECS 494 Video Game Design Course at the University of Michigan. Of all the games that I've made so far, this game has a few design choices that I like the most. The game automatically determines which objectives you are currently working towards and gives you in-level feedback on those objectives. Additionally, as you complete more objectives, the game issues you a title of proficiency and even recognizes when you surpass its predefined goals - giving the player gold lettering next to certain objectives.


C++ and the Zenilib library. Zenilib provides abstractions for OpenGL, DirectX, Audio, Controllers, and Asset Loading.

Isaiah Hines (IsaiahHines@gmail.com)
Wired XBox360
Super Nintendo "SmartJoy"
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